1.4.2 The GET Foundation

GUTS Tickets came to the conclusion that to truly unleash a revolution in the ticketing industry, the technology it developed should be further developed and operated from within a separate foundation so other ticketing companies will be able to make use of the GET protocol. Moreover, GUTS Tickets realised that in order to increase the pace and expand scope, such a foundation would require sufficient resources. Hence the choice of conducting an ICO for building and deploying this protocol worldwide was made.

Legal status. A separate foundation fully dedicated to designing the GET Protocol has been incorporated: de ’Stichting GET Protocol Foundation’ (the GET Foundation, trade registry number 69771138). This foundation is incorporated in the Netherlands and under the laws of the Netherlands. A Foundation under Dutch law has a board, and does not have shareholders or members. It may operate a business, employ persons, own assets and enter into agreements. Importantly, however, a foundation under Dutch law may not distribute profits.

The way forward GUTS. Tickets developed and tested what we will here coin the ”genesis” version to the GET Protocol, which will be further developed and tested by the GET Foundation. As we will explain in further chapters, GUTS Tickets will transfer the requisite assets to the GET Foundation and will serve as launching customer of the GET Protocol. As the GET Protocol moves to a fully distributed smart event ecosystem, we intend that other event organizers and ticketing companies can use our open source infrastructure to develop their own use case for the GET Protocol. We want the GET Protocol and the tools associated with it to become the standard for smart event ticketing. After years of being ripped off and defrauded, festival and theatre visitors deserve a secure, fair and well-engineered event protocol.

Further details about the GET Foundation, GUTS Tickets, their cooperation and the GET Protocol will be given in the following chapters.

Partnerships of GUTS Tickets & the GET Protocol Foundation

- Blog announcement 13 Oktober - Partnership secured with Hekwerk. Responsible for 310.000 tickets per year. Hekwerk will be using GUTS/GET for their ticketing increasingly from this point forward.

- Blog announcement 4 December International partnership secured with Get In The Ring. Officially taking the smart ticketing solution over the Dutch border!

- Blog Announcement 11 December GUTS/GET announced a partnership with Modestus, an event huge Dutch stadium fill organizer. Modestus organizes club- and theatre tours and also organizes concerts in stadiums for artists like Guus Meeuwis. Modestus filled up the Philips Stadium (with a capacity of 35.000 people) more than 50 times since the inception of the company in 2009.