6.7 Team

Maarten Bloemers | CEO | LinkedIn Is the general manager, lawyer and legal specialist of the team. After earning his master’s degree in corporate law, Maarten worked for the Dutch central bank and founded an invoicing platform with legal services called KasCo in 2012.

Tom Roetgering | CCO | LinkedIn Is the commercial force behind GUTS and is responsible for happy customers at the events. After earning his master’s degree in business administration, Tom worked for Rabobank, and founded a comparison platform for body shops called Deukweg in 2013.

Ivo van der Wijk | CTO | LinkedIn Has more than 20 years of experience with software development, open source and Internet technology, and is the technical brain of GUTS. He earned his master’s degree at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where he continued to work on a global distributed system. After starting a full-service IT company with 15 employees and a freelance career where he tried to continuously reinvent himself by discovering and applying new and disruptive technologies, Ivo has found his latest challenge at GUTS.

Frans Twisk | UX | Front-end developer | LinkedIn Is responsible for the design, user experience, and front-end development. Frans is a designer and a developer “unicorn” with over 11 years of freelance experience with a Master of Arts in Interaction Design. He is also a DJ & founder of EINDBAAS: chip/8bit music events in The Netherlands.

Stravros Champilomatis | Back-end developer | LinkedIn Is a full stack developer with a breadth of knowledge. He has experience in back-end and front-end work, contributing to multiple projects using Python, PHP, React, React-Native and Java for Android. Stravros has hands-on experience implementing secure and testable smart-contracts using Solidity.

Mark Arts | Back-end developer | LinkedIn Is a passionate and curious back-end developer who has been working as a programmer since the first year of his bachelor of science. Mark’s experience developing virtual reality projects with C++ for his thesis, his work at dev-ops / back-end development at full-stack web companies, and his passion for functional programming has given him a broad and unique range of programming expertise.

Kasper Keunen | Blockchain developer | LinkedIn Holds two bachelor ’s degrees (physics and economics/finance) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is currently on the verge of completing his MSc Computational Science from the University of Amsterdam. In 2015 Kasper co-founded the Bitcoin startup BitStraat, which was an official partner of Bitpay and initiator of Amsterdam Bitcoin City. The company was nominated as a financial innovator at the Dutch Fintech awards in 2015. As an early adopter of blockchain technologies, Kasper has a deep understanding of smart contracts and in particular the Solidity programming language.

Sander Regtuijt | community/marketing manager | LinkedIn Is the one to create the buzz around GUTS. Responsible for both valuable international PR campaigns as well as setting up the community channels, Sander is as all-round as a basketball. He has been involved in the blockchain scene since 2013. First as Country Manager of the Netherlands for Swedish bitcoin exchange Safello and has been active later on at various bitcoin projects such as point of sale payment solutions provider BitStraat, where he had a active role in business development.