6.6 Budget Allocation

The time needed for developing the GET Protocol as currently envisaged in this white paper depends on the number of ETH received in exchange for Get during the ICO. Should the ICO be funded completely, the expectation is that the last phase of the GET Protocol will be delivered 36 months after initiation. Conversely, should only the minimum number of tokens be raised, the development of the GET Protocol would take more time as the size of the development team would be smaller.

GET Potocol development: 55% of the budget. The current development team consists of 6 engineers which will grow, depending on the amount raised in the ICO, the team will grow gradually according to the needs of the tasks to be done. The funds allocated also include the further development of the GUTS application.

Operational costs: 17% of the budget. Consists of administration costs (legal, security, accounting), hosting costs, an office, and other operational costs.

External contractors: 13% of the budget. These funds will be directed to third-party providers like external engineering, PR agencies, growth-hacking and more.

Marketing and sales: 12% of the budget. In short, getting stakeholders in the market to use the GET Protocol.

Contingency: 3% of the budget. Funds set aside for unforeseen costs.

Figure 8

Figure 8: Pie chart displaying the budget allocation of the funds raised in the ICO.