5 Business landscape
At the moment of publication of this white paper (1 August 2017) there are several blockchain protocol initiatives / smart contract focused start-ups that are trying to broadly solve the same problem. Although these initiatives confirm our assessment that this is a problem worth solving, there are several key differences that distinguish the GET Protocol from existing initiatives.
working with the industry The most important difference is that GUTS Tickets— the company issuing this white paper and building this protocol—is active and fully operational in the industry and has gained in-depth knowledge of the nuances present in the ticketing market through first-hand experience. GUTS Tickets has already sold and is currently selling blockchain-registered tickets via its smart-ticketing platform in both 206 and 2017. One of the Netherlands most prominent theater companies, Hekwerk Theaterproducties, has partnered with GUTS and its team, and several prominent artists have also shown their support for the GUTS initiative to cut out middle men.
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