2.5 Principle 5

Principle 5. Use existing stakeholders to penetrate the market by working with industry players.

While bypassing all current ticketing stakeholders to create a new and completely disruptive platform seems tempting, GUTS Tickets has learned over the last 16 months that this strategy would ultimately fail. The thresholds required to penetrate the market are too great, and adoption of the GET Protocol would be severely limited.

To maximize the chances for adoption, the GET Foundation, supported by launching customer GUTS Tickets, will collaborate with current market stakeholders and will use existing infrastructure in the value chain. GUTS Tickets has partnered, and the GET Foundation will partner, with several powerhouses in the business to build desired features and functions, and these industry experts are helping us avoid mistakes and misconceptions about the market.

Screenshot of the ticket selection page of the Jochem Myjer pilot, in which a 700+ attendee theater show sold out within hours. Changes in ticket ownership on both the primary as the secondary market were registered on the blockchain.