2.4 Principle 4

Principle 4. Ease of use for the end user and clients.

If you are reading this white paper you probably have at least a basic understanding of concepts like the blockchain and its usage of public and private keys. The average visitor to a concert does not have this 12 understanding and in most cases is not interested in learning about these concepts. Similarly, users of the internet love its positive contributions to society but very few are familiar with the theory behind the TCP-IP standard. Blockchain technology and know-how is no different in this respect. The average attendee of an event is purely interested in attending the event with as little effort as possible that should entail no unknown crypto volatility risk.

Implementations of this principle for end user

  • The UX interface of the GET ticket application works in such a way that the interaction with the GET Protocol is completely obscured from the ticket holder. At no point in the ticket-flow is the user required to have any knowledge of blockchains or tokens.

  • A ticket owner will be able to view his or her ticket on the Ethereum blockchain. Additional functionalities and options can be added. Read our roadmap chapter below for more details.

Implementations of this principle for event organizers

  • Dashboard with insightful real time data concerning the sale for event organizers and venue holders.

  • Next business day payment settlement of the sales revenue to the organizers. • Audit trail for tickets sold on secondary market, thus generating more reliable data insights for stakeholders.

  • Easy reimbursement of funds to customers when an event is cancelled.

After confirming the users unique phone number, an Ethereum wallet will be created and linked to the verified user. The user won’t be aware of these back end operations as can be seen in figure 3 below.

Figure 3: Users will verify their phone number when creating a new account on the platform and when logging in. This measure ensures that only unique users hold tickets, without relying on any crypto complexity.