2.2 Principle 2

Principle 2. Professional resellers are professional.

Secondary ticket sales is a billion dollar market. Consequently, those seeking to make a profit in this market employ sophisticated techniques and are willing to work around “inconvenient” barriers. The notion that the secondary market is merely a collection of bots or consists of at-home casual resellers looking to make a quick buck is naive. To ensure that these malicious actors cannot profit from a resale scheme, the measures set forth must be robust and foolproof.

Implementations of this principle • User verification by means of a text message to link the user to a specific mobile phone number.2 • A smart ticket is exclusively linked to a phone’s SIM card, therefore the Code will only appear on this verified phone. Users can simply tap on the dynamic smart ticket on their phone to sell their ticket, eliminating the need for a secondary market as well as preventing scalpers from selling tickets on their own platform. The implementation of this principle is displayed in figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Transferring or trading tickets outside of the protocol is impossible. If a user wants to sell their ticket, cannot do so outside the smart ticket interface. The steps of selling a ticket on the GET Protocol are shown in this series of screen-shots. Note that all actions happen in the browser on the user’s phone—no special application or software is required to sell your event ticket on the GET Protocol.