2 Event ticketing principles
In the previous chapter we have described the current state of the ticketing industry and outlined the obvious problems and inefficiencies millions of consumers have to endure when buying a ticket. We believe that blockchain technology can introduce a layer of transparency to the costs incurred in the ticketing industry. Touting and scalping practices can be prevented with help from the possibilities offered by the GET Protocol proposed in this white paper.
This chapter will outline event ticketing principles. These principles are not theoretical or conceptual, but have been learned and are currently applied by GUTS Tickets over the last 18 months through real-world interaction with event organizers, venue owners, and, most important, ticket-buying customers. In this chapter we describe how GUTS Tickets currently sells tickets via the blockchain using the ”genesis” version of the GET Protocol. In other words, we describe a solution that already works. More specifically, we will outline the experiences that have led to a series of design decisions and incentive structures that will define the further development of the GET Protocol by the GET Foundation.
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